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Few Stories

Life changing moments seldom happen on its own. It demands strenuous efforts, forceful enterprise and a strong will. It is the laboured energy and resolute undertaking that create an opportunity to rise above the status of deprivation. Given below are a few interventions fashioned and constructed for giving life to dreams and shaping up bright futures.


Anuradha works as a telephone operator earning a meagre salary. Her husband is a paraplegic, confined to a wheel chair and requires constant medical attention. Unable to incur traveling expense to her work place, Anuradha commutes in a bicycle everyday. Her only son, Manikandan studies well and this initiative decided to support his studies. Manikandan after completing his B.Com in First Class, is currently pursuing a Cost Accountancy Program. Once he completes this program, the everyday tussle for living will hopefully come to an end for Anuradha.


11 year old Deenadayalan is the only son to Maragatham who works as a domestic help. Deenadayaln's father is engaged in pressing clothes using a mobile ironing cart. The family has a total income of Rs 96,000.- per annum. Deenadayalan has been identified as a beneficiary of this initiative with the fond hope that he would change the socio-economic trajectory of this family one day.


Sundararajan is academically brilliant. He is the only child to his mother Anitha, who is a single parent. Her husband passed away a few years ago. Sundararajan secured 463 upon 500 in his 10th Board Exams and 1110 upon 1200 in his 12th. To keep the kitchen hearth burning and meeting the everyday expenses for running the household, Anitha works as an Office Assistant in a Private Company. She was finding hard to bear the educational expenses of her son until this initiative intervened. Currently Sundararajan is involved in a Marine Captaincy Program, the completion of which will ensure a bright future for him and his mother.


Chelsea Rajanayagam

Who's Me

Hello! I am Chelsea Rajanayagam doing my Under-graduation in the Department of Information Technology in Women’s Christian College. To tell about my family, it’s a very small one - my father, mother and myself. And my hobbies are gardening and collecting information. Through my college campus recruitment process I got a placement in Cognizant Technology Solutions, more popularly known as CTS.

What I Wanted to Study?

I always wanted to pursue a career in Information Technology and hence my natural choice for my undergrad was IT. While starting my under graduation I was also determined that I should pursue my masters in IT. However, I was also very clear that I would prefer to do my Masters through correspondence after getting myself placed in good organisation after my under-graduation, for the reason that there was a certain necessity on me to start earning as early as possible owing to the economic consideration of my family. Ascend Educational Foundation had extended a helping hand, starting from high school days, by financially supporting my education. Further my mentor from Ascend, had gone a long way in guiding me through my education and also had provided me enough counselling, which enabled me to secure a placement in a reputed organisation.

Long Term Vision

I have two long term vision:

  • The first one is to stabilise the economic conditions of my family and ensure that my parents and I lead a comfortable life.
  • Secondly, it would be my professional aspiration to work abroad with an intention to adequately strengthen my skill sets, which would eventually facilitate my professional growth.

How Ascend Has Helped Me Through Out?

  • I was chosen by Ascend Educational Foundation as one of the beneficiaries based on several criteria, the key being my academic performance, our economic background and I being the only child to my parents. From my 10th standard till the completion of my graduation now, I am financially supported by Ascend.
  • I had a Ascend mentor, Mr.B.Kishore, who guided me very well throughout my journey and gave lot of ideas to achieve my goals.
  • I and my family are very thankful to Ascend.

Photographs of some of the beneficiaries of this initiative can be seen scrolling in the home page of this website.

There are many more hopes and aspirations that are waiting in the pipe to be converted into rainbows and sunshine, calling for concerted endeavour and resolute stretch. As a community we have that responsibility on us.

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